Linexos uses Shinken Enterprise to monitor the COP21

Linexos uses Shinken Enterprise to monitor the COP21
13 April 2016 Admin

Our partner Linexos uses Shinken Enterprise to monitor the COP21

During the COP21, Linexos monitored more than 2.000 elements for tens of thousands users.

Our partner Linexos, an IT service provider chose to deploy Shinken Enterprise, our IT monitoring solution to ensure the monitoring of the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (Cop21) which took place from November 30th to November 12th 2015 in Paris.

Founded in 2015, Linexos is an IT service provider specialized in IT monitoring, security and high availability of systems. It brought its expertise assessment to the COP21 by deploying network equipment and IT monitoring solution. More than 2.000 elements used by tens of thousands people have been monitored in only two weeks thanks to Shinken Enterprise. It allows to save a lot of time.

The Department of State entrusted Léni, the French leader of short-terms leasing of computer, network and office equipment to take charge of all the IT services for the COP21. Linexos implemented gradually all the elements through the auto-discovery modules from Shinken Enterprise. Our software, configured according the needs of Linexos, allowed to process a huge amount of information, represented both on dynamic and static form. The information could be seen on the dashboards of the visual portal and on the daily report sent to the UNO.

“For an event as the COP21, we needed a fast installation. We had to install all the elements very quickly to get real time data. The speed, the auto-discovery feature and the business-focus of Shinken Enterprise made it the perfect response for our issue” says Serge Dewailly, CEO of Linexos.

“We are very pleased to provide to Linexos a monitoring tool able to reach the requirements of a such important event as the COP21. We are very proud to be part of it” added Hervé Gouzalch, Sales Manager of Shinken Solutions.

“Monitored more than 2.000 elements in only two weeks was a real challenge for us. This experience reinforced my choice to work with Shinken Enterprise. It’s a tool I really believe in” says Serge Dewaily to conclude.