debugDiscover Shinken,
the highly flexible and scalable

IT monitoring



Shinken concept 

In 2008, for more scalability, Jean Gabès rewrite Nagios based on a distributed architecture


Jean Gabès and the active community develop a powerful Framework based on Shinken concept for a custom-made monitoring

Shinken Open Source


Shinken Enterprise

Jean Gabès and Jean-Paul Harnisch offer a business-centric turnkey IT monitoring tool


1 concept, 2 solutions

Choose according to your needs

Build your own IT monitoring tool

Install manually the community modules from Shinken IO
Manage manually the configuration with flat files 
Add manually a visual interface of your choice from the world Nagios
Community support


Rollout a turnkey IT monitoring tool

Install automatically through the packages provides by the editor
Auto-configuration from graphic interface including auto-discovery
Use the visual integrated interface to analyze the alerts and the metrology
Editor support and maintenance